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The Color of the DaQo'tah Blade
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A short history and explanation of the interesting colors found on all  weapons made by DaQo'tah.



The very first thing you will notice about any of my weapons is the color. All my blades have wonderful colors to them. This has become my signature feature that I intend to carry on in all my future blades as well.

I achieve these colors by simply heating the steel with a hand held propane torch until it turns colors. The colors seem to reflect the temperature that the steel has reached. I heat different parts of the steel to different temps, and the result is that each part of the steel has a slightly different color, giving the whole weapon a wide rainbow of colors upon its surface.

I discovered how to color steel with fire by accident when I was asking a question about Heat treating steel.

At the time I was interested in learning the tricks of making the steel nice and hard to take and hold a sharp edge. One of my brother members of the K.I.W.Guild wrote me an email answer and told me about "heat treating" In the course of his answer, he spoke of the color changes that happen to the steel as it heats up.

I had never heard about this "color change" effect that occurs to heated steel, But the moment I heard about it I knew I was onto something different.

I wanted to make a true klingon weapon, something unlike anything you ever have seen in stores or on Tv. I wanted my swords and Knives to look distinct so I decided to give this "heat treating for color" a try.

I first attempted to color with a fire a smaller knife called the QutLuch. It worked Fantastic!

I was hooked from then on to the incredible coloring that was possible by heating up the finished blade.


I have always felt that a DaQo'tah blade should as much as possible reflect more of a "Off Earth"-ness in its design elements. To spend the great amount of time it takes to make a Large Bat'leth, and then leave it with just a normal finish to the blade seems (in my opinion) to be... counter productive.

My blades are supposed to look like Nothing you have ever seen before, because they represent the type of Blade that was not created on Earth.

Coloring your steel in such a way, guarantees that your weapons will stand apart from those offered for sale in stores,at Conventions, and on the Internet.

But there is a downside to Heating your steel in this manner I should warn you about.
It does indeed weaken the blade, making it soft.
But does this really matter on a Bat'leth?

I mean, a Bat'leth sould look real. Yes, and very dangerous however lets not forget that for the most part the weapon is for display,and presentation only.


The color of a true Klingon weapon?