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Home of Klingon*- inspired weapons and knives from the cruel frozen wastes of North Dakota!
No, Nothing Here Is For Sale!
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Welcome to the
 DaQo'tah Forgethe world's most active Klingon*Weapons making site!

Here you'll find the results of the epic struggle contained within that eternal triangle:

MAN ............. STEEL

and.... FIRE

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The artist, DaQo'tah and his lovely wife, Mrs. DaQo'tah

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This WebSite is dedicated to the novice bladesmith and is meant to encourage them as they pursue the creation of their own imaginative weapons.

Use the links at the left side of the screen to follow along as the artist DaQo'tah creates weapons of his own fantasy designs.

There is a place to contact DaQo'tah, or just email him at- 

The DaQo'tah Forge website contains many helpfull photos and I have made a point of adding lots of interesting text for you to read while loading.

If you dont clean your computer's FILES, Your next visit should have the photos loading much faster,
 (hint-hint, visit my site again!)


It ain't heavy, Its my sword well, actually it is a bit heavy...

( Before you go, make sure you write to DaQo'tah and tell him what you think of his website, and how you found it)
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