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The Ultimate  Weapon!

 The following text is taken from the sacred scroll of LanNecq, as translated by the priests of Miov.

 It contains the story of the creation of the Sword of Vengeance, over 900 years ago.

 The photographs are a record of the construction on a modern version of this same sword.

 Please enjoy both now,

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The scroll of LanNecq
Chapter One

 My name is JulluQs  MowVor  I am the court historian to the Emperor HyTeq.

 I was the Captain of the Royal Guard during the Reign of the Emperor Kahless, and served as the QctLutCh (the Personal Advisor) for Kahless from the time before the Great War of Rebellion.

 I am an eyewitness to a great many deeds of the one known as Kahless the Unforgettable, and I have recorded many of his adventures in the Great Scroll that bears his name.

I write this account, as an eye witness to the events dealing with the battle of the Gronaa Valley.  My testimony is true.


It was the beginning of the 8th year of the reign of Kahless as Emperor over all Kronos.
As was his way, Kahless was traveling among his people in the outer country of Mcahd .  There is a small village that lies in the Gronaa Valley named Ghut-tagz that had sworn allegiance to Kahless from the very start of his rise to power.
But the village was at war with the near by city of Ramolin.

 Ramolin had supported the forces of Molar during the Great War of Rebellion, and had attempted to over power its smaller neighbors following that war.


Kahless , traveling with his honor guard of 40 men, warriors all, entered the village of Ghut-tagz and received a heros welcome.  I was serving at the time as the Emperors advisor, and accompanied him into the village.

When news that Kahless was in the village of Ghut-tagz, reached the ears of the larger city of Ramolin, the evil leaders of that city gathered their army together and marched on the small village to make war.



By the 3rd day of marching, the armies of Ramolin were camped out in the valley next to the village where Kahless and his guard were staying.  The number of the Ramolin army camp was 4,460.  I myself counted the number and testify that the number is true.

 There was a great fear that swept over the small village of Ghut-tagz, But Kahless proved himself a great leader of warriors and upheld the village with the courage from his heart that was seen by all.



Kahless commanded all the ones who could draw the sword to assemble in the gate of the village to defend it.   The number of warriors was 400 including the 40 warriors of the Emperors own Guard.

 At dawn, Kahless gave a mighty speech to the villagers, filling their hearts with the lust for battle, and led them out into the valley to make war, but the shopkeeper BucLutch asked to stay behind to protect the village with a small group of his men.


Kahless , with his Batleth in his own hand ran into the valley and lead the fight that lasted from the morning until the shadows were taller than trees. 
There was many times when the battle looked lost, but that is of no matter for the army of Kahless would not give up.
Kahless himself fought like a wild Targ, I saw this with my own eyes. 
The army of Ramolin fled from the battlefield and was pursued into the woods of Mount Lackitch.
It was near the foot of a large Maqgellen tree that Kahless turned to see the village .


 But there came smoke from the village of Ghut-tagz, and the smell or fire.  So Kahless and his army turned from chasing the fleeing army of Ramolin and returned to the village of Ghut-tagz.

The gates of the city were open, and blood ran from them.

The village had been attacked and put to the torch.  The dead in the street were stacked in piles, women and children.  All slain with the sword...


 Filled with rage, Kahless ran to the home of  MovEv where he had stayed with his Guard There kahless found the old MovEv lying mortally wounded on the floor of his kitchen.  Both his arms had been taken at the shoulder, yet he was still breathing.

I myself saw Kahless bend down to the dieing old man and hold his head steady.



What has happened here?" Kahless demanded.

" My Lord, we are betrayed", came MovEvs answer, his voice showing the agony of the very words.

Who?" Kahless asked in a very serious tone. His anger was once again building.

 The dieing man looked into the eyes of Kahless and spoke his carefully chosen word,"BucLutch".


 With me, there were the men who had gathered around the dieing man, both men of the village and the Honor guard.  To a man they began to curse as news of the betrayal spread out the door and into the street.

 Kahless considered the dieing mans words for a moment as he held his head in his arms.

Then Kayless spoke to him, " I will avenge you".


 The man seemed to smile when he heard the Emperor swear this oath to him.
Then MovEv spoke his last words.

 "My Emperor I only wish I could have died with my sword in my hands and thereby enter the next world ready for battle".



 Kahless looked down at the place where that mans arms had been hacked off, then got an idea. 
Lying over next to the mans leg was one of the mans severed arms. 
Kahless took his own Batleth and placed it in the palm of the severed limb. 
 Then Kahless spoke,  "Warrior hear me, Today you fly to Stovocore with the Emperors own Batleth in your hand".

 Hearing this MovEv let out the death yell, Kahless joined it, then all in the room gave the death yell. MovEv was dead.   I myself testify that this is true.

 After this, Kahless arose and entered the street.  After studying the situation, Kahless gave orders to his Guards to begin to remove the dead.

 Kahless also gave orders for the village commanders to prepare the men for a great battle in the morning.  A young boy approached the Emperor and asked,  "If we go to fight soon Emperor , where then is the Emperor's Batleth?"

 Looking down at the child Kahless answered,  "In Stovocore"

 "But sir", the child complained, "It is the Emperor's Sword Of Honor"

 Angered, Kahless turned away and  said, "And thus it shall always be!"

 Kahless turned and spoke again , "Centurion, I take it this village had a weapon smith?"

 "Yes Sire, it still does",answered the Officer. "his name is DaQotah, and is known far in your Realm as the greatest of sword smiths". .

Kahless smiled,

 "Very well, summon him before me, for tonight the Emperor has a project to test his talents ".

Chapter Two


  Then Kahless gave orders that the village should be abandoned and that the whole congregation of the village should travel by night to the hill of MaRach that over looks the city of Ramolin.



  Thus I bear witness that the village of Ghut-Tagz was abandoned that very night, with all marching, great and small to the hill of MaRach that over looks the valley of Gronaa and the city of Ramolin.

 Then Keyless commanded that his own guard, 40 warriors strong, separate themselves as they neared the hill of Gronaa and enter the woods of Mount Lackitch , where the army of Ramolin had fled during the battle before.


  It was the third watch of the night when Kahless told me that he was going outside the village to seek his own council as was always his way before a great battle. But I did  intend to persuade Kahless, "My Lord you have achieved a great power over the land, and I as the Emperors consular must insist that you not put yourself in danger before the day of battle".

 Again Kahless answered my protests, "Achieved? A great man does not seek such power, but the world thrusts such power onto great men.  My old friend, you must have faith in the universe, which will provide.  If your Emperor is meant to have a Batleth, then the universe will provide that Batleth".

 I tried to obstruct him, "Sir", I pleaded, "You must go alone and unarmed?, take the few warriors that remain in the village with you and your own Batleth in you hand if you must go".

 Then Kahless answer me, "Remain here and keep watch".


  Having thus spoken, the Emperor Kahless turned away and headed up out of the village.  Alone and unarmed, but without fear did he leave the village to seek guidance. I myself saw this with my own eyes, and testify that it is true.

 Kahless entered the field of Gee Hokq where a vineyard had been planted. It was there kahless took off his cloak and spread it before himself to seek guidance.



  Within that very hour there was a light in the heavens, The Fire Of Julah, this being the month of Julah, (the month of Battle).  And the fire did draw down to the land as is common in this time, and did strike near the village across from the Valley of Gronaa.

 And all they that remained in the village of Ghut-Tagz did race to the place where the Fire Of Julah did strike, and behold the stone was still in the place where it lay.  The smell of fire was all around it, and the men gathered there began to question the meaning of such a thing happening.



  Some said it was an Omen of the battle to come, but some said it bode evil for the day too.  There was much discord as to the meaning of the thing.

 Then Kahless returned from seeking guidance and was taken to the place where the Fire Of Julah had struck the ground.  Many asked Kahless as to its meaning, some saying it did bode well for them, other said that it brought evil from above.  And all did place their eyes on Kahless for his words.

 When Kahless heard this he raised his head and with confidence, spoke to the warriors, "It does bring evil, but it is not an evil for us, but for the traitor BucLutch!"


  And all then did agree with the answer Kahless had given and understood that kahless had spoken no small a thing,
and then Kahless turned to his Seconds and gave command, "Summon the village weapons smith, and tell him that his ore has arrived".


  And all the men gathered around the place where the Fire Of Julah had struck the ground, had courage and gave rise a mighty cheer of victory!

 At the Last Hour of the night Kahless joined the warriors of the village of Ghut-Tagz who had gathered themselves at the top of the hill of MaRach over looking the city of Ramolin.


  In the hand of Kahless was the Batleth that the weapon smith DaQotah had made with the Fire Or Julah.

 Kahless stood and looked down at the city of Ramolin , and did hear the  sound of reverie and celebration that was coming forth from the city.  For the warriors of Ramolin were celebrating the actions of BucLuth and the burning of the village of Ghut-Tagz.



The men of Ramolin had gotten drunk on much blood wine and all but a few were now asleep.
Kahless gave orders that all his army light torches and post the torches all along the top of the hill of MaRach.

 The women of the city of Ramolin saw the torches, and became filled with fear and tried to raise their warriors to battle, but they could not stand.



The women cried out "Arise mighty men for our enemy has come to stand at our very door!"
But the men of Ramolin still slumbered for that had consumed much wine.  So the women of Ramolin stood their warriors up and tied their own swords to their hands, and pushed them out.



Chapter Three

 Then Kahless stood before his army and spoke to them to give them strength and to have the heart and the lust for the battle,
 "Today we will share in a great victory! and tonight we will have our pick of the best of Ramolin and will sleep in the beds of our enemy!", and there was a mighty shout at the sound of the words of Kahless.



 When the army of Ramolin had assembled at the foot of the hill of MaRach they did taunt the army of Ghut-Tagz, saying, "We are thousands and you are few".

 But then Kahless stepped forward and rose up the Sword of Vengeance over his head.

 When all of the army of Ramolin saw the Mighty Sword of Vengeance they were hushed. But then did that traitor BucLutch ask, "What is that?"



Kahless had heard the question that BucLutch had asked, when he had said, "What is that?" 

Then did Kayless look upon BucLutch with disgust and the anger burned in his blood for BucLutch ,and what had been done  to MovEv and the village of Ghut-Tagz.

Then Kahless shouted in the warriors cry, "This is your doom and our Vengeance!"
And then Kahless took both his hands over his head with the Sword of Vengeance and with both his hands did Kahless hurl the sword down at the army of Ramolinl.



And all who saw Kahless hurl the Sword of Vengeance were amazed that such a thing could be done, for the sword went as if it had become alive in the air.

 I saw kahless do this with mine own eyes, and I testify that this is true.

But at that moment,
BucLutch had turned to ask his son who was with him, standing off to one side,
BucLutcth did ask his son what it was that Kahless held in his arms,
for he could not see into the sun where Kahless stood on the hill of MaRach , his eyes being heavy from drink.


And it came to pass as BucLutch turned from asking his son that he did not see that Kahless had hurled down the Sword of Vengence, and when he had turned back the sword did strike down BucLutch in the neck.
 And I testify that I saw with my own eyes how the mouth of BucLutch was filled with his own blood. 
 BucLutch was pinned to the ground by the Sword of Vengeance, and died without another word from him. 
All of the army of Ramolin was filled with the fear of their deaths.



Then did Kahless turn to the young man next to him and commanded, "BatLeth!" and the boy gave onto Kahless one the many Batleth he did carry.

 And Kayless , with a Batleth in his hand, did charge down the hill of MaRach and into the lines the army of Ramolin and with him did go the army of the village of Ghut-Tagz.



 I testify this that Kahless fought even harder then he had fought the day before.
And when the ones in the back lines of the army of Ramolin saw that their army did stumble, they dropped their swords and ran to the woods of Mount Lackitch.  For they did think to themselves, "It will be safe in the woods as it was before".

 But the 40 guards of Kahless did lie in wait, and did rise up and smote the men of Ramolin that had hid in the wood.



The battle of the valley of Gronaa was among the greatest battles ever fought in all history.
And Kahless was consumed with the heart of a true warrior and did alone slay most of the fighters of Ramolin who had not fled into the woods of LacKitch.


It was a Glorious Victory!



































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